About Edison Avenue Consulting

We build cool software for cool companies and organizations

Edison Avenue Consulting brings our knowledge of software, design, websites, and mobile to our projects to make the best product for our clients.

Edison Avenue Consulting is a full-service software development firm. We have built many websites, custom software applications, and mobile applications. We use open source solutions and tools to help you realize your unique needs. We specialize in building solutions based on existing open source projects or by levering technologies to complete a total custom solution for your needs.

We have been in business since 2009 when our founder decided he wanted to build applications and websites for the mobile world.

Our Name and Logo

Our name and logo embodies everything about an invention. It starts with a great idea often symbolized as a light bulb. Like Thomas Edison we take those ideas and transform them into something digital. Our Founder, who lives on Edison Avenue in Elgin IL, admires the fortitude that Thomas Edison displayed when creating the light bulb. Edison is quoted as saying that he didn’t fail he just found 10,000 ways it didn’t work. Developing software is much like inventing the light bulb, we find ways to make software work, and we will persevere till it does.

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