Waterman State Bank

Waterman State Bank’s new ownership wanted a new website. We worked with the new owners to build a more modern website to better present the new image for the bank.

Project details

Even small, local or regional banking institutions require a well positions website. Often customer will use a website to gauge the trustworthiness of the institution. Customer prefer to use institutions that have an updated website.

Edison Avenue Consulting was contacted by the banks new owners through a referral from another client. They had just taken over the bank and the existing website had not been touched in years. The website was not able to viewed very well on mobile devices and was not easy to update by the bank’s staff.

Upon a website audit EAC implemented a new design for the bank. During this time, the bank was working on new logos, these logos were used in helping the flesh out the new design. The site was design to offer a more modern color pallet and to be able to be displayed on multiple devices.  The site was built to offer extra marketing opportunities for the bank’s marketing team that the previous site did not offer.  The new site features engaging imagery to help customers identify with the bank and the services the bank can offer.

The site was built using WordPress the Salient Theme.  This was done to help the bank meet it’s budget for the new site and the need to have the site up as soon as possible.

EAC has also been engage with the bank to enhance the functionality of the site by offering automating some of the bank’s on boarding processes for new clients. This includes integrating the website with Docusign such that customers can fill out data and sign documents.

Since launching the new website in early 2020, Edison Avenue Consulting LLC  continues to provide hosting and maintenance services for the bank. The site has been running smoothly and is continuing to be used to help grow the bank’s business.