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Your business is unique and deserves unique solutions. Edison Avenue Consulting specializes in producing custom solutions that are as unique as your business.

At Edison Avenue Consulting we have 40 years of combined mobile, website and custom software development experience. Our team members have been writing software since the beginning of the internet. We strive to make sure that all the software that we touch is ready to work on the mobile devices of today and tomorrow. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best software product or service for their budget.

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Edison Avenue Consulting’s services are centered around your unique business.


Website Development

Affordable high quality website development services. Your website is often the first impression a customer has of your business. You have a very limited amount of time to put your best foot forward. Your website must look and function well.

Make an Impact
Edison Avenue Consulting is a full service one stop Website Design company. We will provide a great looking and functional website that will help you connect with your customers.


Custom Software Development

No Cookie Cutters
Your requirements are unique as your business. Custom software can help your business achieve a competitive advantage over your competition.

Delivered by Web Technologies
Leveraging the web to deliver your application to customers and associates speeds up the development time because it leverages existing technologies.


Mobile Apps

Modern Mobile Apps
We have built many sites and applications for the modern mobile business environment. We recognized in 2009 that mobile would be an important factor for developing software. All software that we work on now is designed to be mobile ready.

Mobile App Iteration
As the requirements for mobile apps change, the deployed app can be modified to meet those requirements and keep the app working as the new mobile OSes are released to the public.



Always Online
Modern software is not “set it and forget it”. We work to make sure you website or custom applications are always online. This helps achieve maximum Return on your Investment (ROI) in your site or software.

As you use websites or custom software often there are new features that need to be implements. Edison Avenue Consulting is capable of creating these enhancement.